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Military Vehicles

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Truck Maintenance
Military Tank

Each year Cadets of Eagle attend and volunteer at Sun N Fun Airshow!

Military truck and jeep
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Leadership Training is hands on!

The best way to Learn to Lead is by gaining actual experience as a leader!

Our Cadets learn by performing in a assigned position of authority, whether element leader, flight sergeant,  flight commander or another staff or field position.  Cadets learn from experience, and we feel without actual experience it's impossible to learn to be a leader.

Our philosophy is Hands on Learning is better than any other learning scenario.

In most other schools if you are not "elected" to a student leadership position in school you are never given the responsibility or the opportunity to gain experience that is required to be a good leader.

Eagle Aerospace Military Academy gives equal opportunity to every Cadet to progress in the Cadet Corps and have a leadership position in the Cadet Corps.  Eagle AMA is a Private School in Orlando, Florida.

New Experiences in Aviation
Eagle AMA has use of a 14,000 acre reserve, and also location Aviation Facilities to support our training activities.

Eagle AMA has use of a 14,000 acre reserve, and also location Aviation Facilities to support our training activities.

We involve the cadets in learning about aviation operations with our orientation and training program on the airport.

We have many  aviation businesses that are happy to provide experiences to the Cadets during our training sessions on  airport and off airport.


Eagle Aerospace Military Academy is a Private School in Orlando.

Simulations Training


Simulation is the very definition of Hands on Training and Central Florida hosts the 3rd largest group of simulation and aerospace contractors in the world.

Eagle AMA has a relationship with The National Center for Simulation at UCF Research Park and will coordinate activities with Research Park Simulation Contractors to enhance Cadet interest in simulations.

Eagle AMA is currently in developing a partnershipe with TALON SIMULATIONS a UCF Sponsored Student Startup Simulation Project.  

Also Eagle Cadets will be able to construct Flight Simulators and test and operate them  during school time at our facility.

military training on computer
Our Instructors are Mentors!
Aerospace Instructor
Aerospace Instructor

We have Mentors: Retired Fighter Pilots, Flight Instructors, Airline Pilots, and other Aviation Professionals to guide our students through early career planning!

Field Training


Part of training involves training in the field.

First Responder Training

Communications with Radio

Survival Skills

Woodsmanship Skills


Fire Arms Safety and Competition Target Shooting


Military Vehicle Field Operations


Learning hands on how to maintain and the safe operation of the M-900 Series 5 Ton  Military Trucks in our Motor Pool.  Yes, we have trucks on hand for our field operations, and future plans for a Disaster Response Team.  With six wheel drive trucks we can go anywhere!

Land Navigation with Compass and Map

Search Training with ELT Locator Beacon (Aircraft Emergency Locator Beacon)

​The Cadet Corps may be called on to help in local and national emergencies (with parental permission)


Orientation Flights and Pre-Flight Training

small airplane

As you may know Flight Training is very expensive. The cost of a Private Pilot License is 10,000 dollars or more and climbing due to fuel costs.

Our  Flight Program can lead to cost savings in Flight Training.



Aerospace Instructor
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