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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education and Aviation Learning for Students Grades K Through 12

Have you ever dreamed of flying planes for the military? Many kids do but don’t have access to the programs and training that would make that dream a reality. At Eagle Aerospace Military Academy, we’re proud to offer top of the line aviation learning and aerospace education to eager cadets across the country. We offer a combination of remote learning and hands-on training that will teach you everything you need to know about military aviation. We want to keep you safe, while also offering effective training that will prepare you to fly planes and someday work for the military.

Although all our cadets learn personal discipline and the value of hard work as a result of participating in our program, we are not a boarding school or behavioral boot camp. We offer aerospace education for those who are interested in the field and want to learn how to develop a competitive edge to work in the industry. However, you must have the passion and drive to want to work in the military. Otherwise, you will not succeed in the program.
We are open to students of all different grade levels, who have a passion for aviation learning and want to take that interest to the next level. If you feel that the traditional path isn’t for you and you want to learn a fun, hands-on skill that will grant you access to a variety of career opportunities, come see us at Eagle Aerospace Academy. We have branches in Orlando, Fl, Houston, TX, and Huntsville, Al, but we can set up satellite locations on demand, depending on your location. Give us a call if you have any questions about our curriculum or training methods.

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