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Remote Learning

A Military Trucks Program that Does Remote Learning Right

Do you have a child who is interested in learning about aerospace or military vehicles? Maybe you’ve tried other schools or training programs but haven’t had success with the Zoom courses. We’ll you’re in luck. At Eagle Aerospace Military Academy, we’ve mastered the art of remote learning and we are offering an aerospace and military trucks program to interested students. This is a great opportunity to encourage your child to learn something new while they are stuck at home.
We’ve mastered the art of remote learning by combining effective proctored online coursework with in-person cadet training in your local area. This is not a boarding school or behavioral Bootcamp. This is an opportunity for students in grades K through 12 to learn the skills and discipline necessary to excel in the military. If you are at odds with what to do with your child while many activities are still on hold, take a look at our innovative training programs.
Our aerospace training program will not only equip students with the knowledge they need to succeed, but it will also allow them to get in the cockpit and see what it’s like to fly planes.  Our military trucks program will likewise allow cadets to get behind the wheel of a real military vehicle (once they are old enough and properly trained, of course). We believe that hands-on learning is the best strategy for success. So, we’ve developed a curriculum that will keep students safe while allowing them to get practical experience in the field. The skills that are required to excel in the aerospace or military field simply can’t be learned over video chat. When you’re ready to give your child the experience of a lifetime in a field that will set them up for a fruitful and exciting career, give us a call at Eagle Aerospace Military Academy.

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