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ITSEC 2014 and 2015 Orlando Convention Center

aerospace simulation training

Our Promise and Focus is to change attitudes, enhance self esteem and provide peer to peer interaction in the Cadet Corps with leadership opportunities and training.  We combine our leadership training with excellent core curriculum.


Our Air Force Leadership Training is instrumental in transformation of our Cadets into candidates for future leadership roles in our community and our nation.  Failure is not an option!


Private School in Orlando.



Weekend Cadet Training
We offer weekend training, usually the first 3 weekends of each month of the year.  Included areas of concentration as follows:
Target Shooting with NRA Certified Rifle Coaches and Airsoft Exercises
Military Vehicle Orientation and actually driving a 5 ton Truck in the field
Aviation Orientation Flights in Gliders and Powered Aircraft (added fee)
Bivouacs per Quarter (added pro rata fees)
First Responder Training
Disaster Response Training
Physical Training
Air Force Style Leadership Training
Our focus is early training for future advantage in the real world!
Cost $280 for Uniform (Includes complete Uniform, Boots, all unit patches, TShirt, and badges)
​Training at various Central Florida Locations. Optional weekend Bivouacs (camping outtings), we utilize our trucks, aviation assets, and we also have target shooting and a range.  The training is in the Leadership Style of the Air Force.
Note: Additional fees pro rata added for additional activities or for orientation flight program in gliders and powered aircraft. 
OUR STUDENTS are proctored and closely monitored, each student must complete work on a time line.  This is remote study only. Our students are required to spend 3.5 to 4 hours per 5 day week on study and assessment with a set timeline.  Our record is 100 percent success with all students achieving a B Grade in all courses.
Our curriculum is flexible, we can take students with partial completion in courses and study and grant advanced status when appropriate with no lost time or make up or starting over.
We believe in self paced learning, powered by the best online modules for the Core Curriculum. Apex Learning Self Paced Online Delivered  core curriculum to enhance and power our learning programs. Demonstration and performance learning inspires our educational philosophy. 
We do not depend on lectures for learning of the core. Math, Science, History, and English are presented online with onsite and remote proctors. The students complete online curriculum with unit tests.  Each test must be completed with a score of 80% or higher to move on.  There is no penalty for retake to improve a unit test score to 80%.
If a student fails a module the student goes through the same module again until reaching an acceptable level of understanding of the subject matter. Our remote proctors monitor and backup the online learning modules. Key elements of the learning modules cannot be overlooked or missed by the student as could happen in a lecture class. We require 80% scores in each module to progress to the next module.
Our Cadets belong to the Cadet Corps. There is no class rivalry as in traditional public or private schools. Since our learning is self paced there is no reason to seperate students.Peer to peer mentoring is encouraged as a strategy for success.  We combine students of mixed ages in learning teams, therefore advanced students can mentor and support less advanced students.  Team Spirit and Team Work is a strategy for success in learning!
We build confidence with redundancy, success, and backup our students with the knowledge that we know exactly how they are progressing in the Core Curriculum.  Eagle Aerospace Military Academy is a Private School in Orlando, Florida, with a culture of success.
Whenever possible we use hands on experiences to reinforce core learning.
Success builds on success!

Failure is not an option! 



Our System of Remote Digital Learning with Professional Proctoring Insures Success



Eagle Aerospace Military Academy is a Private School in Orlando that offers: Interactive Learning with self paced core curriculum, we compress learning times:


Example, once in our learning curriculum and acclumated to the computer, our students can replace a 55 minute lecture class with 20 to 30 minutes of study in a learning module or learning unit.  Study is remote, student and parent select study times.  Eagle Procter monitors and support the student at all times during this process.  Progress can be monitored real time. Reports are sent to parent on a regular basis. 


The requirement is 80% end of unit scores to progress to the next unit.


The material in a learning unit can be reviewed or rewound at a touch of a button.   Students can listen to or read the online study material.  No key concepts can be lost. We believe the 80% or better grade requirement promotes success and helps the student gain confidence.


Our self paced learning philosophy has been inspired by the methods used for many years successfully at Air Force Technical Schools.





Air Force Culture of Success and Leadership Responsibility

The best way to develop leaders is to place our cadets in charge of our Cadet Corps.  We do not believe leadership can be learned by sitting in a lecture class.


We follow the traditions of the Air Force in our Cadet Program, and we feel it brings a culture of sucess to our School.

We know how to develop outstanding leaders. In our School the Cadets are the egos. The Cadets have ownership of the Cadet Corps. Every student belongs to the Cadet Corps and has specific on the field and in the classroom leadership responsibilities.  Our instructors are both Senior Cadets and also professional teachers and instructors. The primary mission of our instructors is not to teach, but to mentor. Mentoring is the primary role of our instruction staff.


  The Cadets in the Eagle Cadet Corps are given responsibility and ownership of our program. Peer to peer competition and the will to succeed take over as driving forces in our Air Force Culture of success!



Aviation and Aerospace Focus


In any chosen career it's best to start early and stay focused. We believe 6th Graders are seeking more than just a general education, students want career focus and orientation towards what they seek as a future career.

We make every effort to give our cadets an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in future careers. 

At Eagle Aerospace Military Academy our Cadets will receive a great orientation and insight into Aviation and Aerospace and excellent hands on training which will lead to successful careers.

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