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Our Vision

Early Career Focus and Training gives our Cadets an Unfair Advantage in future careers!

When students transition to 6th Grade from elementary school we believe they are looking for something more than just going to a class with a teacher lecturing to them.


Students are looking for more engagement and participation, gaining belonging and self esteem and they seek responsibility. Students are not seeking to be stuck in a lecture class for 6 hours a day.  With Modular Core, a good student can stay on pace with about 3 hours or less time in our core curriculum. We can free up our cadets for more interactive and participation time in acitivites that are fun!  The cadets enjoy their full participation in aerospace and leadership training!


We provide a self paced competitive learning environment that is fun and interesting. Aviation and Aerospace are interesting themes to our Cadets. Air Force Style Leadership Training is interesting and exciting and requires participation. 


The Air Force Culture of success is exciting and is full time in the school. We give our Cadets ownership of the Cadet Corps. We think Hands On Learning is the best type of learning environment.  Demonstration and Performance is a great learning tool.  We motivate our Cadets to perform at the best of their ability.

We are a Private School in Orlando with Aerospace and Aviation Theme. 


SAFETY: Military rules for Safety are enforced at all times.  Safety Briefings are given for daily activites.

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Our History

The roots of Eagle Aerospace Military Academy reaches back to the 1960s with McCoy Cadet Squadron, at McCoy Air Force Base, Orlando, Florida.


Through the 60s, 70s, and 80s, McCoy Cadet Squadron trained hundreds of teenage students in Air Force Style Leadership and Aerospace Education.

In 1984, returning Air Force Veteran and Founder of Eagle AMA, Jerry Waller, renamed the Squadron, Eagle Squadron.


The Eagle Squadron won Squadron of the Year in 1985 for outstanding performance.

Eagle Squadron developed into a great Squadron that produced two Nominees to the Air Force Academy and those same Cadets graduated the Air Force Academy.  For that time period the record of 2 Cadets out of a unit of 30 Cadets, being nominated, accepted, and graduating the Air Force Academy, is an amazing accomplishment.


In 2008 Major Jerry Waller again reactivated the Eagle Squadron with the intention of supporting start up of a full time Middle and High School in Central Florida.  Eagle Aerospace Military Academy is now open as a Air Force Style Cadet Training Program with optional Home School functions.

Eagle Squadron won Squadron of the Year again in 2010.

We focus on the Air Force Culture of success and it works for the Cadets and the Academy!  We are now a Private School in Orlando, Florida

Cadets from the Past

Eagle Squadron Drill Team of 1986 won many awards and also Squadron of the Year in 1985.

Our Cadets from the past have done very well, we have a great track record, and below is a list of just some of our success stories:


Lt Colonel Dean Hitchcock a former Eagle Cadet now serves the Air Force at Scott Air Force Base and Dean is one of our Air Force Academy Graduates

Lt Colonel  Paul Hibbard is an F-15 Pilot and a former Eagle Cadet and Paul is also one of our Air Force Academy Graduates and his is pictured above in the cockpit of an F-15.

Former Eagle Cadet Lt Colonel Dan Mullins became Administrator over a Group of 6 Private Schools.

Former Eagle Cadet Captain Glen Hosford is now an Aerospace Engineer at Tinker Air Force Base, and works on the Air Force One Program.

We have trained many Cadets that now are very successful in both civilian and military careers.


Copyright 2012 © Eagle Aerospace Miilitary Academy. Florida Non Profit Corp since 2008 and IRS 501C3 Charity

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